Kinesiology taping

Any injury or trauma to the body will set off an inflammatory response. When kinesiology tape is applied it lifts the skin off the soft tissue underneath, which accelerates blood flow and increases the amount of oxygen available to the muscles, which reduces fatigue, inflammation and pain.

The tape also promotes lymph drainage, which reduces toxins and accelerates healing.  Most types of athletic tape have little or no stretch which can compromise the circulation, kinesiology tape however can be stretched up to 120-180% of its original size and can be worn for many days providing support and many therapeutic benefits.  

The tape is applied when the area is in a state of stretch which offloads the area and helps promote proper form.

This isn’t normally a stand alone treatment and it is usual to have sports massage, then a day between applying the tape, to help support  the physical therapy, however if you have an acute injury that cannot be massaged ie: sprain or strain, kinesiology tape is an ideal first aid treatment.

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