I offer reflexology from my studio in Felixstowe and have been qualified for over 20 years. Reflexology is based on the ancient art of Zone therapy.  We are all made up of energy that travels in pathways all ending at the feet, hands and head.  The body has an amazing ability to heal itself following illness, stress or injury.  However, when the body is in a state of imbalance, vital energy zones/pathways become blocked and prevent the body from functioning effectively.  A Reflexologist's role is to clear those zones/pathways, so a state of balance can be achieved.

The feet/hands also represent a map of the body and crystalline deposits found in the feet indicate an imbalance in specific areas in the body, for example, if a client was suffering from migraines, it is likely crystalline deposits would be found on the underside of the big toe, which represents the brain/head.

Reflexology works over the congested area in breaking down crystal deposits thus achieving a state of balance and healing within the body and brings relief to a wide range of acute and chronic conditions including those mentioned with Aromatherapy and is suitable for all ages.

It is important to remember Reflexology is not diagnostic, however, it is a good reflection of what is happening within the body and can help with many problems including all on aromatherapy page.

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