I offer aromatherapy from my studio in Felixstowe and have been qualified for over 20 years. Aromatherapy is the controlled use of 42 essential oils.  Combining massage and the use of essential oils, can help with many physical and psychological conditions and is excellent for relaxation.  Essential oils are pure aromatic substances extracted, distilled or expressed from flowers, herbs, trees and fruits.  If massage is contraindicated after consultation, the essential oils can be administered via steam inhalations, bath blends, sprays, blends for burners, creams tailor blended to suit individual...

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Fascial Release

Fascia is a thin, elastic, tough, cling-film like substance that wraps around many structures within the body including muscles and organs, providing support and reducing friction during movement, however this particular soft tissue can become restricted (tacked down onto itself),  due to many factors including disease, overuse, trauma, inactivity or infections. This can then result in pain, muscle tension and restricted blood flow. By applying sustained pressure into the fascial connective tissue restrictions, this can  successfully eliminate pain, release tightness, increase flexibility and restore motion and ...

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Hopi Ear Candling

Thermo Auricular Therapy, (Hopi Ear Candling), is a pleasant and non-evasive treatment of the ears.  The technique dates as far back as Biblical times, when hallow reeds from swamp areas were used as candles...

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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage has been practised in India for over thousands of years.  It involves massage over the head, face, neck and shoulder areas of the body, the areas that hold tension.  In my experience Indian Head Massage can relieve the symptoms of stress, improve sinusitis, insomnia and induces a deep state of relaxation.  Indian Head Massage can be performed over the clothes or with nourishing oil over the areas mentioned.  Indian Head Massage treatment is so versatile that it can be carried out almost anywhere and is suitable for all ages...

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I offer reflexology from my studio in Felixstowe and have been qualified for over 20 years. Reflexology is based on the ancient art of Zone therapy.  We are all made up of energy that travels in pathways all ending at the feet, hands and head.  The body has an amazing ability to heal itself following illness, stress or injury.  However, when the body is in a state of imbalance, vital energy zones/pathways become blocked and prevent the body from functioning effectively.  A Reflexologist's role is to clear those zones/pathways, so a state of balance can be achieved...

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Sports Massage

I am a sports massage practitioner, muscular and soft tissue specialist operating in Felixstowe and have over 20 years experience and advanced training in advanced sports massage, muscular and soft tissue techniques.

Recently I have attended advanced master courses/classes, expanding my sports massage qualifications with John Gibbons, Bodymaster, a renowned osteopath and School Director for Oxford Sports University.

The Master Classes I have recently attended and successfully completed are...

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Swedish Body Massage

Using a range of massage techniques and strokes this type of massage has been used for many years to relieve muscular aches, pains and tension and promoting relaxation and balance...

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