"I have had many different treatments, with many different health professionals over the years, however I believe the approach and strategy Karen employs is streets ahead of most that I have seen. I am heavily involved in sport and as a consequence have had several injuries over the years. Karen took a detailed consultation, then did some functional tests and body reading, then did deep tissue massage, sports massage, fascia work, stretching, acupuncture and taping the following day for a injury. The results totally exceeded my expectations. Thank you Karen and see you soon."Mr L, Felixstowe
"I play a lot of sport including squash, tennis and golf and also run at least 4 times weekly. I had a back operation years ago and every now and then after playing sport, I would be in a lot of discomfort. I contacted Karen after being recommended to her by friends and work colleagues and must say I have never looked back. Her knowledge astounded me, after seeing many health professionals over the years. After the first treatment I was surprised by the improvement in my flexibility and lack of discomfort. She discovered scar tissue around the incision site, which she said was perfectly normal after an operation, but it was restricting me and causing the discomfort. I have seen her several times now and she has utilised many different techniques and my back health continues to improve. Thank you Karen!"Mr A, Trimley St Mary
I have used Karen for Sports Massage, Reflexology and Ear Candling, however on this occasion I had suffered from a pain in the left hand side of my head for 4 weeks, radiating from the back, over the top and at the rear of my eye. After having my eyes checked and finding they were fine, I decided to see if Karen could help. I described my symptoms and Karen performed a neck massage, including fascial release, paying particular attention to the base of my neck and shoulders. The results were immediate. I would have no hesitation in recommending Karen for her professionalism and knowledge.Mrs S, Felixstowe
"A few years ago whilst out running I fell and damaged the bicep tendon in my upper arm. At the time Karen used deep tissue massage to correct the problem and I had no further issues until recently I took up rowing which must have weakened the arm again. The problem flared when I leaned awkwardly on the previously damaged arm causing the pain and discomfort to return. After a week of painkillers and anti inflammatory drugs there was no improvement and so again Karen provided treatment. Again using deep tissue massage, stretching and this time acupuncture. After one treatment there was an immediate improvement and over subsequent days the improvement continued until I was able to resume rowing again. Mrs R, Trimley St. Martin
"I have seen Karen for reflexology and other therapies before, but on this occasion, I had dreadful neck and shoulder pain, which was giving me headaches. I knew she did massage for injuries and wondered if she could help for this particular problem. I am amazed, after one treatment including acupuncture I was completely pain free within hours. Would not hesitate in recommending."Mrs D, Felixstowe
"I contacted Karen after being recommended by a friend, I was suffering from a neck/shoulder problem and had been for sometime. She did a very detailed consultation then tailored a treatment specifically for me, she performed a deep tissue massage and acupuncture and gave me some exercises. I can't believe that immediately after treatment I had no pain The following day I went back for some taping, which I kept on for 5 days, I have had no discomfort since. Can highly recommend." Mrs S, Felixstowe
"Karen has been treating me for approximately 10 years and I have always been more than satisfied with her. When I first started to use her all those years ago, she sorted out a long standing hamstring injury very quickly. I run at least 3 times a week and enter many races throughout the year and keeping injury free is very important to me. She is very friendly and professional. Although I am not local to her anymore, I still travel to see her every few months. I would thoroughly recommend Karen. Plus a bonus is, she knows her music!!"Mr I, Colchester
"I contacted Karen, after a friend recommended that she could possibly help with long term lower back pain, radiating down into my left leg, After seeing many health professionals, I was somewhat sceptical, however decided I would try. Wow! She took a full medical consultation, then performed functional tests and ascertained I was leaning quite heavily over to one side. She then treated using deep tissue massage, fascial release (which I had never heard of) and acupuncture, then gave me some exercises to do and the pain relief was immediate. I was also more upright and level. After a couple of weeks some of the discomfort returned, however after a second treatment it has never reappeared. I still now continue to see her every 4/6 weeks for a maintenance treatment and haven't felt as good in years! Wish I had gone years ago."Mr B, Ipswich

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